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Added: 11/01/2012; Last Modified: 11/08/2012; Visits:1,822

The "FILE SYSTEM NO SPACE" error is returned to CAS directly from Microsoft Windows. This error is generated when there is not enough disk space or the user disk quota has been reached. The error may happen during a number of operations, including saving CAS files, importing data, or even running reports.

Error happens during Save or Save As:
In this case we advise that you choose a different physical disk or a network shared drive to save your file. You will need to contact your IT department to get more disk space allocated to the drive or your account.
Error happens during an Import or running a Report:
This happens when the user account directory has run out of disk space. A lot of time it is due to the user profile directory being redirected to a shared drive with disk usage quotas. You can see the CAS temporary directory by clicking the "About" option of the CAS "Help" menu, Starting with CAS 5.0.246 you will be able to see the amount of total and free disk space of temporary directory.
The first thing to try is save your work and restart CAS. Every time that CAS is started, the Temp Directory is cleared. If that doesn't work, especially during an Import, you will need your IT department to increase your user profile disk space. Alternatively, forcing CAS to use an alternate temporary directory will also work. See using alternate temporary directories.