The Carlisle Group's Collateral Analysis System provides a powerful, flexible, and consistent Windows interface for managing all types of collateral.

From tape-cracking to printer-ready reports, from million-record student loan deals to cross-collateralized commercial portfolios, CAS is used by more financial institutions for a wider variety of tasks than any other mortgage software package.

CAS puts you, the user, in charge. In today's ever-changing markets, the traditional approaches to systems development don't always work. A data item that is not important today may be crucial tomorrow, and you can't wait two weeks for your database and reports to handle it. With CAS, the database structure can be extended on the fly, meeting the demanding needs of the mortgage business. Display and report formats are all user-defined, so if you need an extra decimal place somewhere, you don't need to call a programmer.

CAS tackles the toughest tape-cracking problems and the thorniest data integrity issues, simplifies complex pooling and grouping requirements, and produces slick and sophisticated reports. CAS takes the pain out of data scrubbing, error checking, and combining collateral information from disparate sources. CAS is the tool for buying, managing, analyzing, securitizing, and selling, auto loans, tax liens, equipment leases, and all types of mortgages.

CAS is used by companies in all facets of the mortgage business, including investment banks, commercial banks, originators, servicers, finance companies, conduit companies, accounting firms, and bond insurers. These diverse companies use CAS for tape-cracking and importing data, reporting, edit and error analysis, exporting data, underwriting and automated data scrubbing, inventory monitoring, secondary marketing, shadow servicing, pricing, research and analysis, and cash flow analysis.


Training and Support

We offer comprehensive onsite and ongoing training on each of our products.

We also offer an advanced course on advanced CAS techniques and CAS scripting.

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