The Carlisle Group's Collateral Analysis System has all the features you need for data analysis.

Vector Database - At the heart of CAS is a vector, in-memory, database optimized for full table scans and the reporting requirements of mortgage portfolios. Complex reports on hundreds of thousands of rows run in seconds.

Importing Data -  Built in ETL makes it easy to get data into CAS from spreadsheets, databases, and CSV files.  When updating existing data, you will know exactly how many loan numbers match, identify duplicates, and much more. 

Exporting Data - Export data in a variety of formats including CSV and Excel files, for your internal systems or external business partners. 

Data Integrity - Know instantly and exactly which loans have missing, incorrect or inconsistent data. Set up custom loan program guidelines to know which loans are eligible for specific programs. Produce summary and detailed exception reports.

Reporting - Unparalleled reporting power and flexibility for slicing, dicing and ranging collateral data points. Built-in functions make it easy to compute things like weighted averages, complex percentages, next rate adjustment dates, and much, much more. Users have complete control over formats.

Scripting - The CAS Object Model provides access to all CAS functionality via scripting to automate repetitive tasks.

Mortgage Functions - In addition to the full complement of general financial functions found in typical spreadsheet applications, CAS comes with a comprehensive set of mortgage-specific functions for computing everything from agency loan limits to delinquency status based on payment history strings.

Mortgage Cash Flows - CAS comes with a built-in cash-flow engine that generates flows and computes prices and yields at the loan level or on a grouped or aggregated basis. The cashflow engine models fixed and adjustable rate loans, interest-only and step loans, performing and non-performing collateral, as well as scenarios for defaults, prepayments, delinquencies, and loss severity.

Training and Support

We offer comprehensive onsite and ongoing training on each of our products.

We also offer an advanced course on advanced CAS techniques and CAS scripting.

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570-963-2036 to schedule dates.

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