We offer comprehensive onsite and ongoing training on each of our products.

Introduction to CAS:

The Carlisle Group hosts one and a half day training sessions covering the basics of using CAS, such as building Frequency Reports, CAS Reports, Table Reports and Edit Sets, as well as importing different data types and performing file updates.  The sessions can be held at your office or at The Carlisle Group offices located in Dickson City, PA.

 Please call Bob Koester at 570-963-2036 to schedule dates.


Advanced Training:

We also offer an advanced course on advanced CAS techniques and CAS scripting. We will offer only 5 spots for the advanced training. The sessions can be held at your office or at The Carlisle Group offices.

Please call Bob Koester at 570-963-2036 to schedule dates.



Request a Demo

We are always happy to host a live demo online.  Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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