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Including Specific records in a random sample | CAS

Added: 06/01/2020; Last Modified: 06/01/2020; Visits:702

The Sampling Object allows users to target a balance and create a random pool of a specific balance. 

Clients often want to include a specified portion of locked loans into this sample. 

Assuming we want to create a $20m Pool, AND we have the loans to be included flagged in a field called "LOCKED"

1. Find the LOCKED Balance. Subtract that Balance from $20m.

2. Select the not LOCKED loans (not LOCKED = 1). 


3. Open the sampling Object and set the Target Balance to be the Difference between $20m and the LOCKED Balance.


4. Run and create a field called NEWSAMPLE


5. The final Pool will be both the LOCKED Loans and NEWSAMPLE, so use the "or" operator in your final Selection Criteria. (LOCKED = 1) or (NEWSAMPLE = 1)


Keywords: Sampling sample target