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Guide to searching text fields | CAS

Added: 07/03/2013; Last Modified: 07/03/2013; Visits:1,076

Sometimes you need to determine if CAS text fields contain certain text or portions of text.  Below are examples on accomplishing some common tasks.

Searching for:

...a complete phrase. of many complete phrases.
...substring within string.
...phrase that contains a comma.


To match a complete string use the "in" user function: ERROR2 in '012'


The "in" user function can also be used to flag the field if one or more search strings match the field: POOL in 'C,A'


To match a substring you need to use the "substrpos" user function.  The result will be the character position of the first substring instance.  If a substring march does not exist, the result will be 0: substrpos ERROR '012' 


Searching for values with commas in the search phrase poses a small problem.  User functions like "in" and "ss" use the comma to separate multiple search phrases.  The "substrpos" must be used to flag search terms with commas.  If a comma is used, you cannot have multiple search elements in a single expression: substrpos ERROR2 '9,0'  Keep in mind that only boolean results are valid for selection criteria.  You will need to convert the result of the "substrpos" to 0 or 1 for flagging purposes. Doing a "0 ne" on the expression will set all records with a match to 1 and the others to 0: 0 ne substrpos ERROR2 '9,0'