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Registering the SSOProxy SPN in Active Directory | LoanBook

Added: 10/09/2012; Last Modified: 10/09/2012; Visits:1,550

The SSOProxy Server must have the "LBSSOProxy" SPN registered with Active Directory.  If it's not registred, LoanBook clients will have to specify the user of the SSOProxy server in their SPN property.

We will demonstrate how to register the SPN using the Microsoft SetSpn.exe utility.  The serviceclass of the SSOProxy server is LBSSOProxy, the Port property is 9000, and the SSOProxy server is running under the account "domain\mpmadmin",


SetSpn.exe syntaxy to add a SPN: setspn -s serviceClass/Host:Port AccountName

To add the necessary SPN for user "mpmadmin" we would do: setspn -s LBSSOProxy/ "domain\mpmadmin"