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Replace zero with N/A in a report | CAS

Added: 01/21/2020; Last Modified: 01/21/2020; Visits:479

In CAS reports, users sometimes like to replce a 0 (zero) with an N/A or other value. 

This solution works not just for replacing zeroes, but replacing any value, using a format string. The Format String setting for replacing a value is the capital letter O.

Here we are looking at a report on the field RATE, which has some zeroes. 

To Change the zeroes to N/A, Set the format string as O0<N/A>F7.3 Capital O followed by the value to replace, and then the replacement within arrows. 

On the Range Tab, remove the "Low End" Characters and replace with a single space. 

The report now shows the new characters "N/A"


Keywords: NA, Not Applicable, Replace Zero.