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Sorting Text fields in a CAS report | CAS

Added: 03/17/2017; Last Modified: 09/14/2017; Visits:736

 When reporting on a text field in CAS, the default ordering is alphabetical (top to bottom).  When using the "top" functionality within a report, you can order from highest to lowest based on count, balance, or some other column. For certain data, you may want to set the order in a different manner. To do that, use the Field Codes table. In addition to storing descriptions for text fields, the Field Codes table assigns the order that the data appears in a report. 

Go to File > Field Codes

Set the order in the Description and Code columns.

When you run a report on the "MEDAL" field, it will display in the order above.

Another likely example is Rating, where A would alpabetically come before AAA, but AAA should be on top.

Keywords: sort sorting text specify order rating