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Sample Script - Email a report in the message body. | CAS 6.0

Added: 07/26/2016; Last Modified: 07/26/2016; Visits:742

This sample script will email a HTML report in the body of a message.


⍝⍝ Description = Email a CAS report as HTML
⍝⍝ Written By  = The Carlisle Group.
⍝⍝ CAS         = 6.0

⍝ Get the current CAS file.

⍝ Set a temporary report file path.

⍝ Get the CAS report item.
 OB←CS.GetItem'\CAS Items\Table Report\Main Sample'

⍝ Run the report to HTML
 R←CS.RunCASReport OB'HTML' 0

⍝ Save the HTML to a temporary file.
 R.SaveAs TempFilePath

⍝ Read the report file and convert to a single string.
 TF←TextFile.New TempFilePath

⍝ Setup a new Mail object
 M.Subject←'Hi there'

⍝ It's important to set the HTML flag to 1.
⍝ If not, the data won't be formatted properly.

⍝ Initiate the send.