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Apostrophes in CAS | CAS

Added: 06/23/2016; Last Modified: 06/23/2016; Visits:763

 CAS expressions use an apostrophe as a text qualifier. If it is possible to remove an apostrophe from your field, you can avoid tricky expressions. Use the expression: '''' remchar FIELD   to overwrite FIELD.

If you can't remove apostrophe's from a field, there are two scenario's you can work around within CAS to deal with them:

Creating a new field: Use 2 consecutive apostrophes to add a field that has an apostrophe in it. 

In this example, the CAS expression:'Bob''s' becomes a text constant field with the value- Bob's 

Searching for a string with an apostrophe: Use the same concept, 2 consecutive apostrophes, to search a string with an apostrophe:

OR use the remchar function to remove apostrophes and then search


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