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Working with Percentiles | CAS

Added: 06/21/2016; Last Modified: 06/21/2016; Visits:762

 The CAS user function ptile allows you to find an exact percentile value for a Numeric Field. As an example, if you wanted to find the 25th percentile for Current Balance, you could use the expression: ptile CURBAL 25


Here is an example of a report showing Quartiles, using the ptile function. Create an Item in a Table Report:

Select Partition then go to the partition tab.


The Partition uses selection statements. Because ptile returns a numeric value, you must use that numeric value with a relational statement (ge, >, le, <, = etc)

The Partition tab does not allow an overlap. Records are assigned to the highest statement they fall under. 


The result looks like this:


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