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Excel Template Report | CAS

Added: 05/11/2016; Last Modified: 05/11/2016; Visits:18,815

Some CAS users wish to insert report output data from CAS into an Excel file with preset formatting, colors, gridlines, text etc.. The Table Report allows this through the use of an Excel Template. 

In your Table Report, you will notice a line where you can set an Excel Template file path.


In your Excel File, you will utilize the named Range (Name Box) feature to define which CAS data goes into which Excel Cell(s).

For data to go into one cell only, click on a cell where you want data to go, then go to the name box and create a name, hit Enter.

In the CAS Items of the Table Report, go to the "Summary Stats" tab and make the description match the newly created Named Range.

For a multi-cell range of data, highlight the range in Excel and name the range.

In the CAS Items, go to the Item title on the "Settings" tab and set it to match the newly created Named Range. 


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