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Command Line Parameters | CAS 6.0

Added: 01/20/2015; Last Modified: 12/18/2018; Visits:1,348

This document will list and describe all optional Command line parameters.  


Valid as of CAS 6.0.282.



maxwsDefine the maximum contiguous memory allocation CAS can reserve on the system.  This parameter can be defined in KB or GB.  For example, maxws=2000000 is equal to 2GB.  This can also be defined as maxws=2GB.
debugAll internal debug messages will be written to an external logfile when debug is set to 1.  CAS will prompt the user with the debug file location when it's done loading.  I.e....... debug=1
 debugoutputCurrently this parameter defaults to FILE.  It is reserved to allow for different debug log outputs in future releases.  It should not be overwritten.
 debugdestIf debug=1 and debugoutput=FILE, the debugdest parameter can be used to specify path and file name of the generate log file.  I.e.... debugdest="c:\temp\caslog.txt" 
openPath to a CAS file to automatically open after the application is loaded.  When open is specified, no interface will be shown.  The open parameter should be used along with the script parameter to automatically execute a CAS script.  I.e... open="c:\temp\casfile.cas"
 scriptUnique name of a CAS script to execute upon loading of the application.  Care should be taken that no other scripts by the same name exist in the file.  This parameter is case sensitive.  I.e.... script="somescript"
betaSpecial and test features may be implemented during the CAS release cycle.  These tend to be version specific.  The flag should only be used when instructed by Carlisle support team.  I.e.. beta=1
fsro4FSRO4 is set to 0 by default.  All CAS files opened with the "open" command line parameter are set to read-only by default.  This prevents accidentally overwriting your application.  You can revert to the old CAS 4 algorithm for checking the read-only status.  This is done by changing a status bit in the file and attempting to save.  The timestamp of the file will be updated.  Caution should be taken to avoid overwriting your script source file.
lfmLFM=1 puts the CAS application into Large File Mode.  This used to be used when RAM was scarce and working with large datasets was required.  Large File Mode has been unsupported since CAS 5 and it should not be used.  64-Bit CAS should be used instead.  The parameter has been left for backwards compatibility and all use should be at users own risk.  LFM is not developed anymore and many new CAS features will not work with it on.
tempdirOverwrite the default application data temporary folder.  By default CAS uses the users local appdata folder.  Overwriting the default may be necessary when a host environment restricts the disk size or a network location is used, which significantly affects certain import operation speeds.
forcecreatetempdirCAS will automatically create the folder when the default temporary directory is used.  When tempdir is set, CAS expects the folder to exist.  If your environment deletes the directory specified by tempdir, you can set forcecreatetempdir=1 to force CAS to create the folder.  Note*  Only the last folder in the path will be created.  CAS must be started with enough disk permissions to be able to create folders.
userdirCAS uses the appdata/roaming/{app install folder}/{app version} folder to store user settings.  Setting usedir changes the settings destination.  Note* User settings will be lost if the folder is not preserved between sessions.
FHADataFolderOverride default FHA data directory.  Used for isfha user function.
JumboDataFolderOverride default Conforming/NonConforming data directory.  Used for isjumbo user function.
ZipCodeDataFolderOverride default ZipCode data directory.  Used for ziplookup, isjumbo, isfha and zipdistace user functions.


Note: Certain outdated parameters were intentionally omitted and their use is discouraged in newer versions of CAS.