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Creating new shortcuts. | CAS 6.0

Added: 08/22/2014; Last Modified: 09/26/2014; Visits:1,017

We recommend you create new shortcuts using the CAS "Create new shortcut..." option.  Copying default shortcuts will result in invalid icons after upgrading to newer versions of CAS 6.0




  1. Start CAS using your default Start Menu shortcut.

  2. Open the "Create new shortcut..." wizard from the System menu.

  3. Choose the desired memory allocation size or type in your own.  Use the #GB format when specifying a custom size.  I.E.. 1GB or 2.75GB.

  4. Use a descriptive name.  This is helpful when you have shortcuts with different memory allocations.

  5.  Choose shortcut location

  6. When done click "OK" 

    and you will get a successful confirmation.