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New Features and Enhancements | CAS 6.0

Added: 08/12/2014; Last Modified: 07/10/2015; Visits:1,416

Major Enhancements


Original Release:

Unicode support

20-90% performance improvement over CAS 5.0.

Improved memory management.

Native file compression  (I.e.. 2.6GB file now saves as 250MB)  Testing on network saved files shows file save and open time went from 4 minutes to 30 seconds on files that were uncompressed at 2.6GB .

Enhanced error reporting

Optimized temporary data storage.  Users on roaming profiles can see dramatic speed improvements when importing data.

XML Import/Export Mismo support.

Enhanced expression builder syntax editor

Alternate row shading in grids

Enhanced drill-down with capability to run any report on current bucket(s)

Field Wizard enhancements.

Enhanced number and date ranging

Enhanced CAS to Excel format string conversion

Terminal server printer support

Drag and drop support for file paths and file opening.

MSI installer package

No files installed into GAC

Scripting reporting enhancement.

Enhanced EditSet to Excel output.

New column mapping on selection 

New direct export on selection

Enhanced grid searching

Ability to profile CAS operations for performance bottlenecks

New user functions: tokenmatch and rank


Updated 7/10/2015 (Build 3.0.315+)


Enhanced error reporting

File save will preserve the last tree view location and state

Auto Complete Tab keys works just like Excel

Ziplookup help includes source and date of last update

Performance improvements for table reports

Fixes to work better in a VMware environment

Partial fix to a long standing issue with slow pasting of large data sets

Expression builder filtering now searching within field names