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Package Details | CAS 6.0

Added: 07/30/2014; Last Modified: 02/24/2017; Visits:1,776

Packaging Details:

CAS 6 packages are compiled into a setup.msi file.  Packages are digitally signed to ensure authenticity,

The Windows Installer Package (.msi) file is created using the WiX packaging tool.  We can provide the WXS source on request. (WiX Toolset)

CAS BuildTool Build


Installation Components:

Runtime Files
Registry Entries
Application Shortcut
File Association
PDV Viewer OCX
PDF Printer Driver
Sample data


Component Details (assuming default settings): 

Runtime Files*%PROGRAMFILES%\The Carlisle Group\AppDir**\
Registry Entries* HKLM\SOFTWARE\The Carlisle Group\AppDir**\
File AssociationFile extensions associated by creating a .cas entry in the HKCR registry key.  A second key, automatically named during runtime, will be created with the default  icon and shell commands.
Shortcut directory%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\The Carlisle Group\AppDir**\
PDF Viewer OCXPDF Viewer OCX control by Tracker-Software.  If not installed CAS will not be able to display generated PDF documents.
PDF Printer Driver

PDF Printer by Tracker-Software.  If not installed CAS will not be able to create PDF without requiring users to user a 3rd party PDF printer driver.  

Any application using this driver, outsie of CAS, will produce a document with an unregistered watermark.  A license will need to be purchased from Tracker-Software if you want to use this driver.

Sample Data

CAS-64 6.0: %ALLUSERPROFILE%\Documents\CAS-64 6.0 Samples and Exercises
CAS 6.0: %ALLUSERPROFILE%\Documents\CAS 6.0 Samples and Exercises


Third Party Components and versions:

PDF Viewer OCX: PDF-XChange Viewer (vendor link)

CAS BuildTool Build
CAS 6.0 (Current)5.5.308.2


PDF Printer: PDF-XChange 2012 Printer Driver (vendor link)

CAS BuildTool Build



* All 32 and 64 bit Windows default paths are resolved by Windows during the installation.
**AppDir = 32  Bit - CAS 6.0 &64 Bit - CAS--64 6.0