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SSO Proxy Installation Instructions | LoanBook

Added: 10/10/2012; Last Modified: 12/05/2022; Visits:1,556

Installing the SSO Proxy:

  1. The SSO Proxy Server must run on the same machine as LoanBook.
  2. It must run under the same OS ID as LoanBook.
  3. The SSO Proxy server code will be installed at: c:\etc
  4. It should run as a service.  See LoanBook instructions on setting up ServiceMill.
  5. You will need to create a folder for the log files, which name will correspond to what you put in the .ini file as LogPath.
  6. The LoanBook installation will have created and permission an MPMAUTH folder to hold auth files.  This is SessionFolder.
  7. Each SSO Proxy instance must have a unique identifier.  This is ServerName.
  8. The SSOProxy process must have a SPN registered to the OS ID it's running under.
  9. Configure the SSO Proxy setup.ini file.  It must be in the SSO Proxy installation folder.
  10. Install the "bridge131_unicode.dll", "dyalogprovider.dll", and "dyalognet.dll" assemblies found in the "ssoproxyruntime" folder into the Windows GAC.  A reboot will be required after this operation.  How to install an assembly into GAC.